Data Recovery / Hard Drive Repairs

We offer a no fix, no fee hard disk repair service for all Windows, Linux and Apple Mac hard disc formats.

100% Hard Disk Recovery is our main goal

The root of the most disastrous loss of data is often a direct result of a physical hard drive crash.

If you hear clicking or any other unusual sounds from your hard drive do NOT try any further data recovery attempts. Damage to the platters can occur if the hard drive is continually run in a degraded state and at times can make data unrecoverable.

We understand how important your data is - we work with hard drives like yours every day.

Costs for Hard Drive Repairs

If your hard drive is mechanically or physically malfunctioning our expert engineers can give you a free recovery quote - call 08454 500507 or click here.

We do not charge diagnostic fees for hard drive recovery. We know that your drive is not working and don't charge you to tell you something you already know.

We do not charge if we do not recover data from your hard drive. We do not get paid unless we do our job. Our typical turn around time is 2 to 5 days from the time we receive the drive.

Your data is our priority

Clicking hard drives are a result of a head problem. If the heads can't properly read the platters, they go into a seek pattern, causing the clicking sound. We remove the heads and replace them in our clean room. At that time the data can be extracted off of the clicking hard drive.

Non Physical or Logical Hard Drive Recovery

However, there are times where the hard drive itself is not malfunctioning and in these cases we refer to the loss of data as "Logical Data Recovery". Our data recovery software will provide results in most of these cases. In these cases data has been lost due to accidental deletion, format, Fdisk or virus attack.

Talk to a specialist

If you want the peace of mind that your hard drive is being recovered by a professional then click here or call us for a no obligation chat on

08454 500507

Unbeatable, Professional Disk Recovery

Prices starting from

£85.00 plus P&P


What do our clients say...

"Many thanks for the great work done on retrieving data... If I ever need or know anyone who needs data retrieved I will definitely recommend you."
Toby Eeles, Sicor International


No Fix, No Fee Data Recovery for:

  • Seagate
  • Maxtor
  • Hitachi
  • Many More brands repaired